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This affiliate program is a Gambling platform Affiliate with Wazobet. The aim is to maximize the advertising efficiency and traffic monetization for its high-quality product. This Wazobet Affiliate program is being developed to benefit both Wazobet and the Affiliates mutually.

I can pretty much guarantee it’s one of the best and most advanced Affiliate Gambling solutions in the industry. So to start as an Affiliate you will need to follow this detailed guide. 

Basic Step to become a Wazobet Affiliate:

  1. STEP1: Visit affiliate.wazobet.com, register online by entering your email address, and set up your password after you must have received your approval.
  1. STEP2: You should create a promo-link. Just go to the “Promo” section and choose which PROJECT, LANDING PAGE and PROMO-MATERIAL you would like to use.
  1. STEP3: Copy and post the link created to your website. This link will reveal to Wazobet whether your platform actually attracts any traffic. Your revenue would be accumulated according to the traffic attracted.
  1. STEP4: The “STATISTICS” section lets you keep track of your income. There’s a table showing how many people your PROMO LINK has allured, and how many people actually follow your LINK to Wazobet. The last column illustrates just how much you earned.
  1. STEP5: Visit the “PAYOUTS” section, if you decide to withdraw your income. Here you can click the “Order” button to select the payment method you want and create the payment request. Generally, the funds paids out at the beginning of each month. 

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Wazobet Online Casino and Sports Betting provide safe, consistent, and secure withdrawal methods. You will also learn how to withdraw your money quickly and conveniently in this study. There are many options.

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is NGN 250,000 and NGN 2,000,000, depending on the method used for the withdrawal. You can withdraw the minimum amount of NGN 200.

You must first make sure that you have a withdrawable balance in your account to withdraw from Wazobet. To withdraw, your money on Wazobet is a straightforward method and can be achieved in a few basic steps.

How to withdraw from Wazobet – Short Guide

How to withdraw from Wazobet – Short Guide

  1. STEP 1:

    sign in to your Wazobet account first, and then you can load a withdrawal page by clicking on the REFILL TAB in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

  2. STEP 2:

    Click on the WITHDRAWAL ICON this next page. The next page will present you various withdrawal options from your Wazobet.

  3. STEP 3:

    Identify, then click on your preferred withdrawal form, and fill out the necessary details. You will have to fill in your Name , Bank Account number, Email Address , Phone number, your preferred Bank account form (savings or current account). You must have chosen the Bank Transfer methods to use this.
    Click your preferred bank if you have selected the particular bank alternative. Please enter your name, account number of the bank, sum of money and e-mail.
    Only enter the amount and your email if you are using SKRILL. To use ECOPAYZ only your Purse Number and amount are needed.

  4. STEP 4:

    Right after that, click on the SUBMIT button and your request for withdrawal will be approved.

In less than 12 hours, you will retrieve your money. Ensure that the information provided in those methods is very accurate. In case of incorrect details, the money will not be deposited in your account and will not be returned to your Wazobet account. Be vigilant when you are providing your details !

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Wazobet online sports betting and casino website has one of the easiest and most secure deposit options. You will find this guide to put you through the necessary steps to fund your account conveniently.

Step by step guide to follow

  1. STEP 1:

    Sign in to your Wazobet account and click on the REFILL TAB in the upper right-hand side of the screen to get started with. 

  2. Step 2:

    A new tab will load next, and you will see the many different deposit solutions available for your account after you have clicked on the DEPOSIT ICON.

  3. STEP 3:

    Select the desired option of payment, right after that, click on it to take you to a page where you will fill in your email address and the amount you wish to deposit. Then click PAY after you must have filled the space.

  4. STEP 4:

    You then be redirected to the payment gateway. If you choose a debit card or credit card option, you will be asked to enter your details to complete the transaction. You will be given short code to dial your phone to complete your transaction, if you want any bank methods.
    You will also be issued a specific Wallet ID to transfer your coin to if you choose one of the Cryptocurrency options (Bitcoin and Litecoin).

  5. Move 5:

    Your Wazobet account will be funded instantly without any further delays when the transaction is completed and successful.

The smallest amount you can deposit is 200 Naira. The maximum amount ranges from 250,000 NGN to 2 000 000 NGN; this is largely based on the deposit methods used. No deposit fees are levied on all deposit options. Please know that no more than 3 deposit transactions can be done within 24 hours.

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This promotion is unquestionably another big gesture from Wazobet, as they reach out to reward their loyal customers once their birthdays approach. When you have people celebrating your birthday with you it’s going to be very fun too. That’s just what Wazobet is providing you because they will reward you with what is known as the Wazobet Bday bonus.

Within this Step by Step Guide you’ll learn how you can easily receive this Wazobet complimentary gift, so follow the method closely.

How to Register Account on Wazobet

The Simple Step By Step Guide to Claim your BDAY BONUS 

The Simple Step By Step Guide to Claim your BDAY BONUS 

  1. STEP 1:

    Always note you can get the bonus during your birthday season. The bonus can be accessed 3 days prior to birthday, or within 3 days after birthday.

  2. STEP 2:

    Log in during this birthday period to your account and then contact Wazobet’s 24/7 customer service to request your Birthday Reward either through the Live Chat button or write an email.

  3. STEP 3:

    You will be asked to submit a coloured copy of an official government ID that clearly displays your birth date. Make sure the date of birth on your Wazobet profile conforms to that date.

  4. STEP 4:

    You will be given your Wazobet BDAY Bonus instantly after Wazobet verifies your documents.

Wazobet BDAY BONUS Terms and Conditions 

  • 1. This bonus is available 3 days in advance of birthday, or 3 days in advance.
  • 2. The reward has a threshold of 5 time wagers which must be achieved.
  • 3. Make sure you’ve made an accumulative deposit into your account, not less than NGN 5000. That is the amount that will qualify you for the bonus.




Wazobet came up with this incentive to basically refund their customers within a calculated period of time a certain percentage of the deposit made by a player to them. Usually, it’s paid out and on Saturday, so they tagged it the Saturday Cashback Bonus.

Cashback is a proportion of the differences of both deposit and withdrawal. It is credited to your account speedily. You will get as much as 12 percent of your deposit with this Saturday Bonus. This guide will take you on how to get your own bonus, without needing to worry.

How to Register Account on Wazobet

Easy Steps on How to Claim your Bonus

Easy Steps on How to Claim your Cashback Bonus

  1. STEP 1:

    Make sure your account is active for at least 5 days from the scheduled 6 days (between Sunday and Friday after).

  2. STEP 2:

    In order to ensure that you’re completely involved, seek to make at least one deposit inside that 6 days.

  3. STEP 3:

    On the 6th day of the calculation period, Wazobet will check the bonus you will earn and automatically credit your bonus.

  4. STEP 4:

    When you are active for 5 days from the allocated 6 day period, you can receive 10 percent Cashback Bonus. When you are active less than 5 days, you will be rewarded with a cashback bonus of 7 per cent. Although VIP players will receive a big 12 percent cashback bonus.

Saturday Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions 

  • 1. The minimum cash-back will be NGN 10.
  • 2. The player can receive funds based on the highest deposit unless the amount exceeds the player’s biggest deposit of the past week.
  • 3. Getting active doesn’t apply to VIP members, it also doesn’t affect their bonus and they don’t have any gaming restrictions.




This Non Deposit Bonus is created from the side of Wazobet online sports betting and casino to acknowledge any new registrant to the Website. You don’t have to do any task technically. This bonus has no wager multiplier and more than 300 slots can be played. You just have to register and get your 777NGN/ 2 USD/ 2 EURO right now. Don’t waste your time, your friends are receiving the big Wazobet Non-Deposit Bonus money already and are winning with it non-stop. 

Wazobet FAQ

The Basic Guide on How to Claim this Bonus

The Basic Guide on How to Claim this Bonus

  1. STEP 1:

    You have to visit www.wazobet.com first as a new user or prospective customer. Click the REGISTER button on the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. STEP 2:

    You will be taken to the next page where your phone number or email address will be used as means of registration. So you will have to select your favorite method.

  3. STEP 3:

    Next will be to choose the currency between NAIRA, DOLLAR or EURO that you will like to play with. Then the terms and conditions must be accepted. To submit your application, click the REGISTER button at the bottom of the page.

  4. STEP 4:

    You will immediately receive a confirmation message containing your USERNAME and Password, whether you have used your phone number method or e-mail address method. Go on and log in immediately after the message is received to your account.

  5. STEP 5:

    As soon as you first signed in, 4 cards will be displayed, pick any of them by random means. Whatever card you choose, your Non Deposit Bonus will be revealed.

Wazobet Non Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions: 

  • 1. Each new player is entitled to the bonus. Actually, when you register you will automatically get it on your account.
  • 2. You can play more than 300 slot games and sports betting with it.
  • 3. No wager multiplier condition is present in this bonus.
  • 4. No task is required to be performed to receive this bonus. 
  • 5. Player can receive this bonus can only once.




Wazobet has a long list of bonuses, you will definitely find one that will benefit you. The Wazobet Wednesday Boost is one of such bonuses.

Wazobet Wednesday Boost will offer you up to 100 percent fantastic bonus every Wednesday when you make a minimum deposit of 1000 NGN OR 5 USD. You could eventually earn a bonus as high as  NGN 50,000 or USD 150, isn’t that just so easy? If you make this deposit, your bonus will иу automatically on your account. So follow this step-by-step guide this coming Wednesday to claim your own bonus.

Simple Guides on How you Can Claim the Wednesday Boost

How you Can Claim the Wednesday Boost

  1. STEP 1:

    Sign in to your profile and find the MENU Button on the Wazobet account to take you to the menu page.

  2. STEP 2:

    A BOX labelled PROMO will then be seen from the menu list. To now get you to the PROMO PAGE, click on that Box. 

  3. STEP 3:

    On the promotion page you will definitely see more deals and promotions available in Wazobet. You should just scroll to the WEDNESDAY BOOST and click on the button with the inscription DETAILS, a drop down will appear, scroll down to GET BONUS and click it! 

  4. STEP 4:

    You will then be taken to the payment page, choose your preferred deposit method, and then make your deposit based on the amount you want but ensure it begins from NGN 1000 or $5 to qualify for the bonus.

  5. Step 5:

    Once you have successfully concluded your deposit, Wazobet will give you this WEDNESDAY Boost bonus immediately.

Wazobet FAQ

Wednesday Boost Bonus Terms and Conditions: 

  • 1. Up to 50000 NGN or 150 US$ is the maximum bonus amount you can earn.
  • 2. Bonuses wagered in combo bets must fulfill the 5x threshold.
  • 3. Every combo bet must involve 4 events or more. A combo bet must be at least 4 events with odds of 1.35 or even more.
  • 4. Please be mindful that slots games come with their own wager-10%.
  • 5. For each Wednesday, you can keep claiming this offer.

Deposited Amount and Bonus Amount to be Earned

  • From 1000 NGN/5 USD, you will get 50%. 
  • From-5000 NGN/10 USD, you will get 75%. 
  • From 10000 NGN/25 USD, you will get 100%.




The Monday Free Spin is a bonus from Wazobet that players get every Monday as long as they deposit on a Monday.

Everyone can earn and use this Monday Free Spin which will reward you with 20 Free Spins. This guide will show you how to earn this bonus step by step.

Guide on how to Claim Your Monday Frees Spin

Guide on how to Claim Your Monday Frees Spin

  1. STEP 1:

    Log in to your Wazobet online account at first then after locate and click on the Menu button.

  2. STEP 2:

    If you click on the Menu, you will see a PROMO labelled BOX, you will then have to click on it to take you to the Promo Page.

  3. STEP 3:

    There you will see some additional bonuses and promotions on the Promo Page, go to Free Spin on Monday, and click on Details on the Circle Button.

  4. Step 4:

    Immediately there will be a drop down, go to Get Bonus Button and click on it. You will then be taken to the payment page to make your deposit.

  5. STEP 5:

    Select your preferred deposit option and then make a NGN 1000 or NGN $20 deposit. Wazobet will automatically reward you with 20 Free Spins as soon as your deposit is successful.

Monday Free Spin Bonus Terms and Conditions: 

  • 1. For every Monday, you can earn a single bonus when you make a deposit.
  • 2. You will get 20 free spins to play Amatic’s “Always Fruits” slot with a deposit starting from NGN 1000 or USD 20.
  • 3. Any winnings gained with the Monday free spins shall be wagered 40 times. 

How to Register Account on Wazobet

How to Register Account on Wazobet


How to Register Account on Wazobet

It is very versatile, fast, and fairly straightforward to set up a player account at Wazobet. In this overview, we will explore how you can create your account, and the approaches you can take into consideration.

There will be two ways in which you can register for a Wazobet sports betting and casino account online and they are by:

  • Email method
  • Phone number method 

The step-by-step guide to follow will be outlined below but you must first visit www.wazobet.com on your device to start any of the processes.


Registration via Phone Number and Email

  1. Registration via Phone Number Step 1:

    From the homepage, click the “Register” button in yellow.

  2. Step 2:

    From the next page, you will see “Register on Mobile.” Put your phone number in there. Pick the currency you want to deposit with. Agree to accept by ticking the terms and conditions boxes, then submit. You will receive an SMS shortly afterward, containing your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  3. Step 3

    Return to the homepage, click the “Log in” button, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD then press the login to open your account.

  4. Step 4:

    You’re going to be presented with 4 cards, having first signed in. Select a random card, the card you select will reveal how much you obtained as a Welcome Bonus.

  5. Registration via Email Address :

    Step 1: From the homepage, click the “Register” button in yellow.

  6. Phase 2:

    From the next page you will see “Register in Email.” Enter your email address, and pick the currency you wish to transact with. Agree to accept the terms then click send. You will immediately receive a reply in your email address. Please follow the link to confirm your Registration.

  7. Phase 3:

    Return to homepage, click the “LOGIN” button, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD and then click the login to unlock your account.

  8. Step 4:

    You will be presented with 4 cards after you have completed the registration, pick one preferred one. The card you have chosen will reveal the amount you earned as a Welcome Bonus.

Terms and Conditions

Please have in mind that to register on Wazobet’s online betting platform you must be 18 years old and over. You should also make sure you assume responsibility for verifying the appropriate age allowed by your jurisdiction before you sign up.

Only players from Nigeria and seven other African countries that are Cameroon, Benin, Chad, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, and the Republic of Niger have permission to play on Wazobet.


Wazobet FAQ


Welcome to Wazobet casino FAQ page –  frequently asked questions 

  • What is Wazobet?

Wazobet is a Lagos based Nigerian online gambling firm. Wazobet is a big name operator in the global online gambling sector and offers sports betting for major activities such as football and all other sports you may think of and not forgetting their online casino options such as online slots and online roulettes. These services also include Virtual Sports, Wazobet Jackpot and Casino Games, E-Sports and so much more on a secured platform. 

Does Wazobet Have a Welcome Bonus?

Yes, every new registration on Wazobet is rewarded with a 777 NGN welcome bonus, and you can get more if you’re so lucky.

  • Does Wazobet have a first deposit bonus?

Sure, when you make your first deposit in your account, Wazobet will compensate you with some rewards.

  • Does Wazobet have Non-Deposit Bonus?

Yea, Wazobet exclusive Non-Deposit Reward can be earned. The wager multiplier is not necessary and more than 300 slots can be played with this bonus. You just have to sign-up to get your 777NGN right now.

  • Does Wazobet have an Accumulator Bonus?

Yea and this bonus especially reward selection accumulation, this bonus kicks in when you must have made a selection of 4 games or more on all kinds of sports with a minimum of 1.25 odds.

  • Does Wazobet have a Birthday Bonus?

Of course! B-Day bonuses are only to reward any user on their birthday. It is nice to have your birthday celebrated with Wazobet. You are entitled to this bonus if your cumulative deposit is more than 5000 NGN. And be rewarded 3 days before or after your birthday. 

  • Does Wazobet have Monday Free Spins Bonus?

Sure, every Monday you will get twenty free spins. It is a single deposit bonus if you fund your account with 1000 NGN or 20 USD on Mondays.

  • In which countries Wazobet is legal to use?

Wazobet is licensed to operate in seven other African countries and they are Cameroon, Benin, Chad, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, and the Niger Republic and within any region in Nigeria. 

  • In which countries is Wazobet not available?

In addition to the countries from which Wazobet Sports and Casino Betting can be played, every other country is exempt from Wazobet, so players should verify local laws and regulations before they play because of a legal breach, Wazobet will not be liable for any kind of loss suffered in this regards. 

  • What providers are available on Wazobet? 

The best games developer in the industry with high-quality games have their titles richly packed in Wazobet, they are mentioned below:

  • Ainsworth 
  • Amatic 
  • Belatra 
  • BGaming 
  • Booming
  • BSG 
  • EGT 
  • Endorphina 
  • Evolution 
  • Ezugi 
  • GameArt
  • Gamevy 
  • Genesis 
  • Habanero
  • Iron Dog Studios 
  • ISoftBet
  • MicroGaming
  • MrSlotty 
  • PariPlay
  • Pragmatic 
  • RabCat
  • Spinomenal 
  • Triple Edge Studios 
  • Wazdan 
  • 1X2 Gaming 
  • 2BY2 Gaming
  • NoLimit City
  • Which Payment Options are available on Wazobet? 

Wazobet has ensured that its website includes several payment options. You can pay by Debit card, Credit card, Bank Transfer, E-Wallets, and even cryptocurrency. Payment options are just enormous.

  • Which Withdraw Options are available on Wazobet?

Withdrawals on Wazobet are made so easy and convenient for you through several options:

  • Bank Transfer
  • First Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • UBA
  • GTB
  • ecoPayz
  • Skrill
  • Which Deposit Options are available on Wazobet? 

The number of options made available on the website is the easiest means to make deposits on Wazobet. Any of these approaches can be used to make a deposit:

  • Visa/Mastercard 
  • Visa/Master/Maestro card
  • Verve
  • First Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • UBA
  • GTB
  • ALAT Bank
  • ecoPayz
  • Skrill
  • Quickteller
  • Litecoin
  • Does Wazobet Have Cashback?

Up to 12% of the deposits during the calculation period is guaranteed back from Wazobet. The calculation takes place between Sunday and Friday. The amount of the cash return reflects in a proportion of the difference between deposits and withdrawals. So being active plays a key role here.

  • Does Wazobet have Virtual Sports?

In Virtual Sports, Wazobet offers a variety. The Virtual Sports section on Wazobet has the following fun games: 

  • Football 
  • Football (On-demand) 
  • Greyhounds Race 
  • Horse Race
  • Speedway 
  • MotorBike
  • Casino
  • Mega 6
  • Does Wazobet have E-Sports?

Wazobet does not only have E-Sports; with at least 3 major categories to choose from, the amount of E-Sports you can play is massive.

  • What is the Easy Money Category on Wazobet?

Wazobet’s Easy Money Category is a segment with games that are very easy to play by rookies or professionals. Those games reward without sweat or stress with great returns to players. For now there are more than ten of those games available. 

  • How many slot games are available on Wazobet? 

Wazobet Slot library is overflowing with some of the best slot games. You will surely have access to play more than 2,500 games.

  • How many Roulette games are available on Wazobet? 

You can rest assured of some fun time with the over 52 different forms of Roulette games from Wazobet. 

How many Baccarat games are available on Wazobet?

On Wazobet, you can choose from more than 22 varieties of baccarat if you are a lover of card games.

  • How many Live Casino Games games are available on Wazobet? 

You can play your Live Casino Games in no better than on Wazobet with more than 35 Live Casino Games to pick from

  • How many Poker games are available on Wazobet?

Wazobet provides players with at least 39 diverse variations of poker games.

  • How many Blackjack games are available on Wazobet? 

Wazobet has at least 38 different types of Blackjack games to choose from and play if you always enjoy Blackjack games.

  • How much time would it take your funds to be available in the Wazobet wallet?

Wazobet offers very secure and reliable deposit options, which will ensure that after you receive a successful transaction notification your wallet will be immediately funded. 

  • How many times till funds are withdrawn from Wazobet casino?

Irrespective of the withdrawal method you may have chosen to use, your fund will be processed in less than 12 hours of your withdrawal request.

  • Is it safe to bet on Wazobet? 

Wazobet is a licensed and regulated online sports and casino website, which guarantees its security, credibility, and integrity. Wazobet also utilizes the most efficient technology currently available. Wazobet operates a 128-bit SSL Encryption System, efficient Firewalls for Data Protection and a five-step security framework. Wazobet is very secure, therefore!

  • Does Wazobet have a gaming license? 

The online gaming platform Wazobet is authorized to operate in every region of Nigerian by the Curacao Ministry of Justice and the Lagos State Lottery Board (LSLB). These licenses have also authorized Wazobet to operate in other African nations such as Cameroon, Benin, Chad, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, and the Niger Republic.

  • Can I play Wazobet on mobile?

Wazobet being hosted on HTML5 makes it adaptable to mobile devices, either Android or IOS, Window, and others hence making Wazobet online sports and casino games playable on the go! 

  • How to contact Wazobet Customer Support? 

Customer Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, only in English. You can access them on the website using the LIVE CHAT button. Additionally, you can send them a message to support@wazobet.com.

  • Does Wazobet cooperate with famous people from Nigeria?

Wazobet is known in Nigeria as a socially conscious bookmaker for their engagement with society and Nigerians in general.