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Wazobet Live Casino Review

Wazobet Live Casino Review
Wazobet Live Casino Review

Wazobet Live Casino Review 2020

With an observation from the past few years, online casinos have come up with a way to fully integrate games that can be played in a traditional casino into the online platform. This basically means that for every event in a brick and mortar casino, there is an online version of this kind of activity that can be performed. Crucially, none of these events are missing at the Wazobet Online Casino, and with variants.
And this includes Live Casino Gaming in specific, which literally puts you in a frame of mind as if you were physically playing against another real-life human, and all of these activities take place from the comfort of your home, but with the wonderful real-life casino scenery.

Wazobet Live Casino Review
Wazobet Live Casino Review

Wazobet has ensured that you can get actively engaged in live casino games where you can play different table games in real-time with an amazing streaming experience as well as in HD with other players all over the world.

In addition to the high-end graphics and statistical experience you’ll get, you can also interact seamlessly with the croupier invoice or through the chatbox. You can also have conversations with other players, which will help you create an incredible real-life casino feel.

What Live Casino Games Are Available on Wazobet?

Wazobet is well packed with a lot of table games, with a handful of games at Live cas. At the moment, you can choose to play at least 36 different live games.

There are a lot of Live Roulettes, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjacks, Hold’ems, and more. There are options for all levels of risk-takers and, more importantly, there are also VIP live games for those who value some exclusive gaming services.

Below are some of the Live Casino Games you can enjoy on Wazobet:

  • 1. Speed Roulette Live 
  • 2. American Roulette Live 
  • 3. Dream Catcher 
  • 4. Super Sic Bo
  • 5. Cas. Hold’em Live
  • 6. Auto Roulette VIP Live 
  • 7. Ruletka Live 
  • 8. Dragon Tiger
  • 9. Punto Banco 
  • 10. First Person Blackjack
  • 11. Speed Baccarat Live
  • 12. Salon Prive Baccarat 
  • 13. Fortune VIP 
  • 14. Side Bet City 
  • 15. Party BJ 

In fact, the above-mentioned games are a few of the many that you can participate in. And I have to add that, Wazobet Casino Live Casino Games are incredibly rewarding!

Wazobet Casino Easy Money Games

Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

Wazobet Easy Money

The Easy Money Category on the Wazobet got its name from a group of games separated to serve a reason. The goal is to create a simple and easy way for players to enjoy some games and win a lot of money in Wazobet casino.
As a top online casino provider, Wazobet certainly knows how to serve you regardless of your experience, either as a beginner or as an expert. The category Easy Money comes with games that do not need special attention or a certain devotion to continue to win.

Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

They usually are a collection of games that you can play without tension or putting a lot of concentration on a game especially when you are in your most relaxed mood. You’re always going to win big.

We often get tired of being too serious with some games which require the highest level of concentration otherwise we can lose our money and these kinds of games can get us overwhelmed. After recognizing this regular phenomenon in many players and the consequential discouragement that it can cause, Wazobet then took the conscious step to collate some very easy, but highly rewarding games in the EASY MONEY CATEGORY.

You will definitely love one, if not all, of the following ten Easy Money games on Wazobet. So relax, play with minimal efforts, and start winning:


It’s a single-player video slot game, the basic objective of the game is for gamers to walk past the rectangular lawn looking board that contains hidden bombs on one of the next carpet ahead without setting any of them off and you win! 

Heads and Tails

This is a game with extreme simplicity, I could say I haven’t come across an easier one than this. Heads and Tails are conceptualized around tossing a coin where you must have picked where you believe would face up.

Scratch Dice 

The Scratch Dice game is perhaps the easiest game out there needing no strategy or plenty of focus. It’s a Scratch Dice, each ticket has an area covered that you must scratch to find out what you have won. 

Gems Odyssey 

The game can also cause free games by random means, in which players have a second chance to win more. Finally, you want to grab a cluster of jackpot tiles to win really big in this slot.

Poke the Guy 

To start, players must choose from a selection of items with which to hit the man. If you succeed and get the guy, a random reward of multipliers of up to 500x will be awarded. Very Easy Money game.

The Other Five are:

  • Golden Boot 2018
  • Boss the Ball
  • The Incredible Balloon Machine
  • Rocket Dice
  • Plinko

Play Virtual Sports on Wazobet Casino

Wazobet Virtual Sports
Wazobet Virtual Sports

Play Virtual Sports on Wazobet Casino

Wazobet Virtual Sports Betting is one of the latest developments in the growing online sports betting industry, which has basically been integrated with regulated computer software to give bettors around the world a whole new opportunity of playing and winning at an unending pace. 

Wazobet Virtual Sports
Wazobet Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports on Wazobet is basically a video game thematic that involves the playing of sports events, races or tournaments through some software programs. The results are calculated by advanced technology by means of a Random Number Generator (RNG), which provides the outcome of the matches played fairly. 

This Wazobet virt. sport is much like betting on real-world sports events. The only difference is that Wazobet determines when an event starts or ends in a rapidly progressive and steady interval with a large number of different virt. sports games being played at the same time.

Furthermore, virt. sports betting mechanisms on Wazobet are almost identical to experiencing sports events in real life. For example, you can bet on different markets just as you do in real-life games while you are playing Virtual Football. You can do the same in other Wazobet virt. sports activities too, and you’ll win real money.

Why You Should Attempt Wazobet Virtual Sports Games 

Although Virtual Sports cannot substitute for real sports games, yet they share a lot of similarities, especially in terms of entertainment and exhilaration. 

With a careful look at Wazobet virt.sports, you can find out certain advantages. First, you wouldn’t have to wait for days for real-life scheduled fixtures to put a bet on your favorite sports because you can play it as a Virtual Sports and this runs 24 hours, day or night. Again you do not have to wait a long time for the next game to start, this way your betting circle increases with more chances to win coming quicker. 

What Games to Expect on Wazobet Virtual Sports Section 

Wazobet has an outstanding selection of Virtual Sports in its collection, all of which are of the highest standard and yet in different variations. Check them in the underlisted both in categories and sub-categories:


  • England League
  • Italy League
  • Germany League
  • Euro Champions


  • England League 
  • Spain League 
  • Euro Champions 


  • London Stadium 
  • Manchester Stadium 


  • California Park 
  • New York Racecourse 
  • 3D Dubai Racecourse


  • Gorton Stadium 


  • Hamamatsu Circuit 
  • Spin 2 Win 
  • Spin 2 Win Royale 


  • Mega 6

Is Wazobet Virtual Sports Safe? 

Some concerns usually arise in respect of Virtual Sports and this is always about if it is as regulated as real-life games. I can tell you that as Wazobet is a licensed online betting site, this makes all their operations legal, fair, and trustworthy. In fact, Wazobet has one of the best RNGs in the world.

Wazobet Non Deposit Bonus

No-deposit Bonus
No-deposit Bonus

Wazobet Non Deposit Bonus    

As one of Nigeria’s leading Sports and Casino Platform, Wazobet Online Gaming Platform has developed a technique to reward each player in specific ways. One of those incredible features is the Non-Deposit Bonus. With the increasing number of sports betting platforms these days, most only promise bonuses which tie with the first amount you will deposit to determine how much bonus you will get. But this WB Bonus, it is a different case entirely. You will get a reward even before taking any risk or playing with your own money. 

No-deposit Bonus
No-deposit Bonus

The Wazobet Non-Deposit Bonus will gratuitously reward you with NGN 777, without any activity. The bonus player can use to play any sport betting games, and at least 300 Wazobet Casino slots games. Worthy of note is the fact that there is no wager multiplier condition for this Bonus. It means it is very easy to use without any restrictive conditions.

How to Claim the Non-Deposit Bonus

This bonus is surely one of the best rewards that you can get from a  generous platform. What you need to do is simply register today on Wazobet, and you’ll receive the NGN 777 Non-Deposit Bonus instantly.

Non-Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions 

  • 1. Every player has two balances: the Main Balance and Bonus Balance. 
  • 2. All funds credited before the first deposit are added to the Bonus Balance. 
  • 3. All funds credited after the first deposit are added to the Main Balance. 
  • 4. To withdraw funds from the Bonus Balance, first, it needs to be transferred to the Main Balance. 
  • 5. Every Saturday, part of funds from the Bonus Balance transfers to Main Balance – and it is called cashback. Amount of funds that will be transferred from Bonus Balance to Main Balance as a weekly cashback depends on the user’s activity. The higher the user’s weekly activity the higher the amount of weekly cashback. 
  • 6. As soon as funds are transferring from Bonus Balance to the Main one, player can use it for betting or withdrawing. The higher the user’s activity, the faster he can transfer all funds from the Bonus Balance to the Main One

And if you yet to decide which platform you can open up online betting with, this is more than enough justification to register on Wazobet. Get this gist across to your folks because this Bonus is enough money with which you can start playing to win even more money without making a deposit yet. Isn’t this just stunning?

Wazobet Deposit Guide July 2020

Wazobet How to Deposit
Wazobet How to Deposit

Wazobet Deposit Guide July 2020

One of the benefits of playing Sports Betting and Casino online is the ease that comes with it. When you can remain in your home or on-the-go conveniently, and still play. But if you can’t effectively deposit, it can become painstaking for you to start playing. But you’re sure to be one step ahead with the various Wazobet Deposit methods.

Wazobet How to Deposit
Wazobet How to Deposit

Being a very proactive online sport betting and casino platform in Nigeria, Wazobet has ensured that your experience with them is kept cheery, particularly with the very convenient deposit option that allows you to instantly fund your online wallet at no cost.

The many deposit options provided by Wazobet are really safe, secure, and reliable. And most of all, it is an automatic process that will ensure that your deposited funds reflect in your online Wazobet account once you receive a successful transaction confirmation after you have made the payment.

You can use your Debit / Credit card, bank transfer, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency to complete your Wazobet deposit using any of the following options:

  • Visa/Master Card 
  • Verve
  • First Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • UBA
  • GTB
  • ALAT Bank
  • ecoPayz
  • Skrill
  • Quickteller 
  • Litecoin 

The minimum amount which can be deposited at any given point in time is NGN200. For all available deposit options, the maximum amount that can be deposited in a single transaction is limited to NGN2,000,000, but deposit through Verve has a separate cap limit that is pegged at NGN250,000.

How to deposit on WazoBet? Step by Step Guide

  • STEP 1: Log in to your WazoBet account and click on the refill tab at the top right corner of the web page. 
  • STEP 2: Click on the deposit icon and you will see different options of funding your account. 
  • STEP 3: Click on your preferred method of payment and fill in the necessary details.
  • STEP 4: Click on pay and your account will be funded immediately. 

For each user being the sole owner of a Wazobet account and all the funds that will be in it, always make sure that all of your account’s personal information always matches the debit/credit name or some other account from which the deposit is initiated. Also, make sure this is correct to prevent any violation of laws that might lead to any penalties.

How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform?

How to Create WB Account
How to Create WB Account

How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform?

The registration process for Wazobet Sports Betting and Casino is very quick and straightforward. You can easily register with your mobile number and e-mail.

A lot of people have e-mail addresses and others have no e-mail addresses, so you can as well register with your mobile phone number.

How to Create WB Account
How to Create WB Account

Follow this step-by-step guide in both methods to register on Wazobet Online Sports Betting and Casino Platform. You will first have to visit www.wazobet.com to start both methods.

Registration via Phone Number:

  • Step 1: From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.
  • Step 2: From the next page, you will see “Register in phone”. Insert your phone number then submit, thereafter which you will receive an SMS containing your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Step 3: Go back to the homepage, click on the “LOGIN” button then input your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on sign-in to open your account.
  • Step 4: Having signed in for the first time, you will be present with 4 cards. Pick a card of choice, the chosen card will reveal how much you have won as a Welcome Bonus.

Registration via Email Address :

  • Step 1: From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.
  • Step 2: From the next page, you will see “Register in an email”. Insert your email, then a link will be sent to your email address. Follow the link to confirm your registration.
  • Step 3: Go back to the homepage, click on the “Log in” button then input your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on sign-in to open your account.
  • Step 4: Complete the registration then pick a card of choice. Much like the phone number method, the chosen card will unveil the amount you have won as a Welcome Bonus.

Congratulations! You are done so you can start winning. 

Weekly CashBack on Wazobet Platform | T&C | Review

Weekly Cashback Wazobet
Weekly Cashback Wazobet

Weekly CashBack on Wazobet Platform 

Wazobet Online Sports Betting & Casino Portal is amongst the most supportive online gaming platforms you’re ever pleased to discover, especially as they always put their clients ahead. That’s why they added to their long bonus list the Wazobet Weekly Cashback Collection as a give back to their players.

Frustratingly, every now and then, no matter how careful or smart we might have set out to play at certain games, we still struggle to make those wins in some way. That usually results in loss of money and dissatisfaction.

Weekly Cashback Wazobet
Weekly Cashback Wazobet

This is one reason Wazobet was prompted to implement the weekly cashback bonus in order to reward players when they lose their money within a certain period of time, especially in the past week.

How does the Wazobet weekly cashback work? 

The weekly cashback bonus implies that if you’ve been active on the website, and if you’ve made bets and ended up losing it over the past week, you’ll get a certain percentage of the amount considered to play new games back.

The Wazobet cashback bonus is the percentage of the value of a calculation period on your deposit. The calculation runs from last Friday until the present Wednesday. Cashback is credited to your account forthwith.

Players need to make sure their account is active (and deposited) to obtain 10 percent cashback for at least 5 days of 6 days a week. Unless your account is not active enough in the necessary number of days, you will only receive a cashback of 7 percent.

VIP players will however receive a cashback of 12 percent, whether or not they are involved during the week, and they will also enjoy no restriction on how many games they can play.

The minimum cash-back offered on Wazobet is NGN10. If the sum in the past week reaches the player’s largest deposit, players will get cashback based on the largest deposit.

Wazobet BDay Bonus | Review | T&C

Wazobet BDay Bonus
Wazobet BDay Bonus

Wazobet BDAy Bonus 2020

If you look at the online sports betting and casino industry in Nigeria, very few of them with their features or bonuses stand out. This is why Wazobet remains exceptional because they give each player a very nice bonus called Wazobet Birthday Bonus as one of the numerous bonuses available on their platform.

Wazobet BDay Bonus
Wazobet BDay Bonus

Wazobet always appreciates their customers, which is why they always offer exclusive incentives to them. Wazobet has this time chosen to celebrate their players by offering them the BDay Bonus on their Birthday. The Wazobet BDay Bonus is a generous gift for you and can be collected in two simple ways.

How to get the Wazobet BDay Bonus 

You may apply for a Wazobet BDay bonus 3 days before your birthday or 3 days after your birthday and if all conditions are met the bonus will be credited to your Wazobet account. To qualify for this incentive, you must make sure you have made a deposit of more than NGN5000 into your Wazobet account from your sign up date. You will then need to contact the Wazobet Customer Service to request your incentive.

You will be asked to submit for verification a colored copy of your National Identification Card or other Government ID with your date of birth clearly visible on it. Understand that the Wazobet Bday bonus wager threshold is 5 times before it can be moved from your bonus account to your main account.

Yeah, don’t miss this incredible bonus opportunity when it’s your birthday.

Also, see – FAQ

Wazobet Sports Betting Platform Review – Full Guide

Wazobet Review - Full Step by Step Guide to use Wazobet Platform
Wazobet Review - Full Step by Step Guide to use Wazobet Platform

Wazobet Sports Betting Platform

Wazobet is an online sports betting platform in Nigeria. Sports betting and gambling platform these days must have the flexibility to meet the bookmakers’ desires at every point in time and that is what Wazobet offers. It completely offers you a full-blown online betting experience that has no match, right from the market options which are enormous to the ability to easily navigate through the site without having to feel lost in the process or wasting much time between switching from one feature or market to another.

Are you a professional or new to punting, Wazobet offers you a platform that meets all specifications without any hassle or downtime.

Wazobet Review - Full Step by Step Guide to use Wazobet Platform
Wazobet Review – Full Step by Step Guide to using Wazobet Platform

There are various other services that can be explored but not limited to their virtual gaming, WazoBet jackpot; casino livers are also well covered with the following games but not limited to online casinos, online slots, and online roulette.

Wazobet is full a member of the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers and regulated by Lagos State Lottery Board. Gamble responsibly and not for persons under the age of 18, strictly adhere!

How to Register on Wazobet Platform?

Wazobet has two methods of registration, both come very easily done so it is a matter of choice. Some people have emails while we also have a lot of people who do not have email addresses, hence the need for both methods of registration (via email or phone number)

1. Registration via phone number:

Wazobet Register via Phone Number
Wazobet Register via Phone Number

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Register on Wazobet Sportsbetting Platform via Phone Number?

  1. Step 1:

    From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.

  2. Step 2:

    From the next page, you will see “Register in the phone”, insert your phone number after which you will receive an SMS containing your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  3. Step 3:

    Go back to the homepage, click on the “Login” button then input your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on sign-in to open your account.

  4. Step 4

    Having signed in, pick a card of choice, this will determine the size of your bonus. Congratulations! You are done.

2. Registration via email address:

  • Step 1: From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.
  • Step 2: From the next page, you will see “Register in an email”, insert your email then a  link will be sent to your email address. Follow the link to confirm your registration.
  • Step 3: Complete the registration then pick a card of choice, this will equally determine the size of your bonus. Congratulations! You are done.

How Wazobet Bonus Work

Wazobet gets even more interesting, risk-free, and absolutely incentive conscious with the wide-range of bonus available just to ensure the users always have something to cheer about.

Below is a list of bonuses you can tap from and exploit to maximum effects:

1. Non-deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that allows you to play real money games but it has no wager multiplier. Upon your first deposit, the amount won using a non-deposit bonus is transferred to your cashback balance. From the cashback balance, funds are transferred to the main balance in order of the weekly cashback rules.

2. Weekly Cashback

This Wazobet bonus gives you a cashback up to 12% of the deposits made during the calculation period. The calculation period is always from the last Sunday to the current Friday and usually credited automatically. To receive 10% of weekly cashback bonuses, the player’s account should be active (and deposited, that is, funded) a minimum of 5 days from the 6 days of the week. All other players will be rewarded with 7% of cashback. VIP players will receive 12% cashback irrespective of the activity from the previous week, they also have no game restrictions.

3. Monday Free Spin

This bonus comes only but on Monday. Are you disappointed about the weekend? Your accumulations messed up? Wazobet knows exactly how to cheer you up! This bonus gives you 20 free spins every Monday from ‘Always fruits slot from Amatic’. Free bonus from these spins is automatically credited to your account when you fund your account on any given Monday.

When you make a deposit on a Monday, you will earn a single bonus and when the deposit is from 1000 NGN or 20 USD, you will get 20 free spins from ‘Always fruits slot from Amatic’. Any winnings earned from the free spins are to be wagered х40.

4. Bday Bonus

This is a funfair bonus from Wazobet; firstly, I will say congratulations! This is because Wazobet is foremost in wishing you Happy Birthday and of course, it comes with a bonus as a complimentary gift to your account. You can activate this birthday bonus 3 days before or 3 days after your birthday. B-Day bonus wager is 5. One more reason you just have to choose and stick with Wazobet.

5. Accumulator Bonus

Wazobet Accumulator Bonus
Wazobet Accumulator Bonus

It can only be on Wazobet, earning as much as 125% on an accumulator with odds as low as 1.2, only on Wazobet can you get this amazing winning bonus to enhance your payout.

Let me explain the basics to you; the more selections you pick, the more Accumulator Bonus you achieve.

The bonus is awarded on multiples including 4-folds selections or more. Note that bets including 3-folds selections or less are eligible for the Bonus.

Odds lower than 1.25 make the related selections not able to be considered in the Accumulator Bonus calculation, but from the 11th events, the minimum odd of 1.2 will be considered.

And lastly, selections that are settled as VOID/CANCELLED will not be considered in the Accumulator Bonus calculation hence there will be a recalculation that will change the initial actual Accumulator Bonus first reported on the bet slip.

This tabulation will give you a full insight:

AccumulatorBonus (%)

Payment Options on Wazobet Platform

One of the cogent concerns for users of any betting platforms is how to get their winnings without stories, But before that, the more important worry is how to deposit funds with an assurance that their details are safe.

Wazobet understands this hence has an arrangement in place to eliminate any cumbersome process while assuring maximum safety of users’ details.

The deposit and withdrawal options come with various methods that will certainly present you one that will serve you seamlessly and timely. No hassle!

Deposit Options on Wazobet Sports Betting Platform

The deposit options are 100% secure and reliable. Tabulated below are the various alternatives at your disposal you can explore:

MethodProcessing TimeMinimum limitMaximum limitFeeDetails
Visa/Master Card 1Instant200250000FreeVisa/Master/Maestro card
Visa/Master Card 1Instant2002000000FreeVisa/Master/Maestro card
VerveInstant200250000FreeVerve Card
First BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
Zenith BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
Sterling BakInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
UBAInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
GTBInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
ALAT BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
Quickteller Instant2002000000FreeeWallet
Litecoin Instant 2002000000 eWallet 

STEP TO STEP GUIDE: How to deposit on Wazobet

  • Step 1: Log in to your WazoBet account and click on the refill tab at the top right corner of the web page.
  • Step 2: Click on the deposit icon and you will see different options of funding your account.
  • Step 3: Click on your preferred method of payment and fill in the necessary details.
  • Step 4: Click on pay and your account will be funded immediately.

Withdrawal option on Wazobet

The withdrawal methods on the Wazobet platform also come in various alternatives such that you will find one that comes at absolute ease for you. It also assures of being fast, seamless, 100% secure and of course, reliable.

Tabulated below are the numerous options you can explore for prompt withdrawal:

MethodFastest possible payout time Slowest possible payout timeMinimum limitMaximum limitFee
Bank Transfer12 hours28 days200250000Free
First Bank12 hours28 days2002000000Free
Sterling Bak12 hours28 days2002000000Free
UBA12 hours28 days2002000000Free
GTB12 hours28 days2002000000Free
ecoPayz12 hours28 days2002000000Free
Skrill12 hours28 days2002000000Free 

STEP TO STEP GUIDE: How to withdraw on Wazobet

To initiate a withdrawal request comes with absolute ease on Wazubet. First, you must make sure you have the minimum withdrawable amount in your account then follow these simple steps carefully:

  • Step 1: Log in to your WazoBet account and click on the refill tab at the top right corner of the web page.
  • Step 2: Click on the withdrawal icon, and you will see different options for withdrawing from your WazoBet.
  • Step 3: Click on your preferred method of withdrawal and fill in the necessary details. The amount to be withdrawn needs to be more than the minimum amount, and less than the maximum withdrawal amount.
  • Step 4: Click on submit and your withdrawal request is made successfully.

How to delete account on Wazobet

Unfortunately, there could be one reason or the other why users will want to delete their account; some just for personal reasons while some are correctional reasons but whichever reason it may be, Wazobet will surely assist you in the process without hesitation or trying to convince you otherwise.

This can be done in a very simple method, you just need to contact the WazoBet customer service. They will assist you in deleting your account entirely from the system with no further questions being asked.

Mind you, an account deleted will be irrecoverable and details used for the deleted account will never be able to be used in opening another account in the future.

Sports Betting on Wazobet Platform – Is it good?

A good sports betting platform has to be experiential, there must be some unique features that will make you prefer one platform to another, every reliable betting platform must have a unique feature.

Wazobet most definitely fulfills the most important feature that gives the user that one reason to come back. Putting this in context, the platform is absolutely user-friendly with how the interface has been structured.

WazoBet’s online or mobile user interface layout makes easy finding all you need without difficulty, cluttering or muddling up the display.

Having adopted the best technology present in the market, this has enhanced the betting experience on the mobile platform and of course, makes the website navigation stress-free.

The supersonic software also ensures that the platform runs seamlessly on both android and IOS devices without any lagging and complete elimination of bugs.

Wazobet rules are fair and do not include rules to delay players from cashing out their funds when they request for it.

Another important noteworthy is the safety of the users’ data especially in the aspect of making deposits and withdrawals.

if in any case that you get lost during navigation which I doubt you will, all you need to do is just scroll to the bottom of the screen or page from anywhere you could be, there you will see clickable buttons that can help you get useful information instantly.

Above all, funding your account comes with speed and with various options to pick from and the ability to withdraw is faster and delivered within the time stipulated.

Live Betting Experience on Wazobet Platform

The live bet service on Wazobet bet is just as vast as the options for games were before they kicked off and can even be better.

Every option most times are available and it will even serve you the chance to jump on some events that are happening on the spot that you never envisaged pre-kickoff.

The advantageous aspect of the live bet on Wazobet is that the interface of the site when on the page of a certain game is structured in a way that allows you navigate really quick between various markets if you are the type that likes to hit the bet button as soon as you suspect an outcome happening. There is the live bet and there is the swiftness; Wazobet ensures your live bet remains swift!

License for Wazobet

Wazobet is licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services by the Curacao gaming Association, and Lagos State Lottery Board under the law of Nigeria. These are two regulators who don’t compromise on standards of operations so be rest assured Wazobet will offer fair rules in delivering their services.

Wazobet Mobile Website Better Solution Than App

Wazobet platform is a full-blown online platform that offers the best navigation and interfaces with its eye-soothing coloration. To enhance the on-the-go service, the website functionalities have been collapsed into a very user-friendly mobile platform and more importantly, in an app which now covers for all thing you see on the web platform.

In other words, you can efficiently do everything you do on the website right on the app.

The app runs without glitches on android and IOS devices.

Wazobet app loads real quick and it is bug-free, no advert pops up and it just never lags or drags.

Just like on the web-based platform, live betting is also available on WazoBet’s mobile app.

Bet slip, which is always at the right-hand side is easy to use. You can easily pick and delete options as well as open and minimizing the function whenever you want.

The cashier function is fast and receptive. There are several methods of deposit and withdrawal are also available and easy to process.

Terms and Conditions: Sports Betting

Wazobet terms and conditions for user to engage the sports betting platform are quite straightforward and it applies to all sports bets options, below are some you should have a look at

  • 1. Opening an account with WazoBet means that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of the site.
  • 2. The minimum stake is 100 NGN and the maximum payout is 10,000,000,000 NGN.
  • 3. A bet will be considered invalid if a transaction code is not issued out by wazoBet prior to betting.
  • 4. WazoBet reserves the right to close any account without giving any reason.
  • 5. All bet odds can be changed at any time when this happens notices will be made before the start of a game.
  • 6.WazoBet will not be held responsible for any action resulting from the use of the website in regions where gambling is illegal.
  • 7. WazoBet will only accept bets made with funds available in a player account through the website.
  • 7. All accepted bets outcome is based on official results.
  • 8. If there are special prices for some games. This will be stated on our website. 
  • 9. No-one under the age of 18 or the age of legal consent for a player’s region should engage in our sports gambling.
  • 10. WazoBet has the authority to reduce the maximum potential winning by the bet, or by a combination of the bets.
  • 11. All winning bets are subject to taxes and levies enforced by the player’s government.
  • 12. WazoBet reserves the right to withhold payment if there is evidence of foul play in a sporting or betting activity.