Wazobet Accumulator Bonus


Wazobet Accumulator Bonus

The said Wazobet Bonus is a highly rewarding ranking, acknowledging high-risk users who accumulate numerous games on a single bet slip. The more games you have on a slip, the higher the amount of money to be won. But again the higher the chance that you will lose the entire bet. It’s quick to grasp by all as it is the basic logic of betting.

Wazobet is, however, ready to reward you with a great bonus per extra selection added to the bet slip. The extra selection you have added to the bet slip, the higher the bonus to be earned. The bonus amounts are automatically added to your payout and go up to 125% of your betting slip has 25 selections. You can only get this kind of huge bonus from Wazobet. 

When Will The Wazobet Accumulator Bonus Be Triggered? 

The Wazobet Accumulator incentive is activated if a single slip has an accumulation of 4 or more sports betting options. Options with a minimum odds of 1.25. As soon as the selections hit the 11th option on the same bet slip, the minimum of 1.2 odds will be taken into consideration.

The Wazobet Accumulator reward can be used in multiple bet options like 4-fold. Betting based on 3-fold or even less may also be taken into consideration.

In addition, please note that any VOID / CANCELLED game will not be included in the Bonus calculation of the Accumulator Bonus. This simply means if these results occur, the actual Accumulator Bonus first reported on your bet slip will automatically change to a new recalculation.


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