Wazobet Casino Easy Money Games

Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

Wazobet Easy Money

The Easy Money Category on the Wazobet got its name from a group of games separated to serve a reason. The goal is to create a simple and easy way for players to enjoy some games and win a lot of money in Wazobet casino.
As a top online casino provider, Wazobet certainly knows how to serve you regardless of your experience, either as a beginner or as an expert. The category Easy Money comes with games that do not need special attention or a certain devotion to continue to win.

Easy Money Wazobet
Easy Money Wazobet

They usually are a collection of games that you can play without tension or putting a lot of concentration on a game especially when you are in your most relaxed mood. You’re always going to win big.

We often get tired of being too serious with some games which require the highest level of concentration otherwise we can lose our money and these kinds of games can get us overwhelmed. After recognizing this regular phenomenon in many players and the consequential discouragement that it can cause, Wazobet then took the conscious step to collate some very easy, but highly rewarding games in the EASY MONEY CATEGORY.

You will definitely love one, if not all, of the following ten Easy Money games on Wazobet. So relax, play with minimal efforts, and start winning:


It’s a single-player video slot game, the basic objective of the game is for gamers to walk past the rectangular lawn looking board that contains hidden bombs on one of the next carpet ahead without setting any of them off and you win! 

Heads and Tails

This is a game with extreme simplicity, I could say I haven’t come across an easier one than this. Heads and Tails are conceptualized around tossing a coin where you must have picked where you believe would face up.

Scratch Dice 

The Scratch Dice game is perhaps the easiest game out there needing no strategy or plenty of focus. It’s a Scratch Dice, each ticket has an area covered that you must scratch to find out what you have won. 

Gems Odyssey 

The game can also cause free games by random means, in which players have a second chance to win more. Finally, you want to grab a cluster of jackpot tiles to win really big in this slot.

Poke the Guy 

To start, players must choose from a selection of items with which to hit the man. If you succeed and get the guy, a random reward of multipliers of up to 500x will be awarded. Very Easy Money game.

The Other Five are:

  • Golden Boot 2018
  • Boss the Ball
  • The Incredible Balloon Machine
  • Rocket Dice
  • Plinko


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